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    The best knife for everything

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The best knife for everything

Whether you are planning a camping, fishing, or hunting adventure in the parks in Colorado, Montana, Utah, or California, a barbaque grill with family and friends, or you just want cook a perfecly sliced cut of meat, fish, our poultry, KC Lund has crafted the ultimate knife for active duty and law enforcement, weekend warriors, and BBQ chefs. Our knives are for those who live on the edge — who get out, get messy, and get things done. KC Lund Blades is the proven leader in manufacturing premium knives that are just as tough and resilient as his customers.

Introducing "The Back Up" the most versatile knife for everything.

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The Perfect Gift!

My husband loves and frequently uses "The Back Up" I gave him as a Christmas gift. KC Lund's amazing, hand crafted blades are made with skill and care. It is truly gratifying to support such a deserving family-owned and operated business. You owe it to yourself to buy KC Lund Blades!

Sherry Powers

Exceptional Craftmanship and Quality

Absolutely love my blade from KC Lund Blades! The craftsmanship and quality of this premium blade is truly exceptional. Their blade is extremely sharp and I know for a fact that this blade will last a lot longer than any blade I've ever owned.

Joshua Birdsell

Great Customer Service

I purchased one of The Back Up knives for my son who absolutely loves it! He was really impressed with how well made it is. I received great service and had a wonderful experience all the way around. Thank you KC Lund Blades for crafting such a wonderful gift that is sure to become an heirloom in our family.

Sheryl Greenlee

My perfect birthday gift!

I am in love with my knife, it really was my perfect birthday gift to my self. Thank you Carla and KC!

Hugo Loyola