custom natural gas forge

The Soul of the forge, I custom designed this forge to be able to heat and just fit the large billets of steel I tend to work with. 

Nazel 4N air hammer

The Nazel 4N air hammer, is capable of forging up to 7 inch square stock. It has a 350# head that hits about 100 beats per minute. Having such a large power hammer allows me work much larger stock faster. 

Bader Space Saver Belt Grinders

7 2" x 132" Bader Space Saver Grinders

I’m a one person shop, but having 7 grinders configured with the common attachments I use allow me to work without constantly wasting time swapping out attachments. 

50# Little Giant power hammer

For more delicate work I have a 50# Little Giant power hammer that’s been converted to air and a 90# ram added. 

40 Ton Hydraulic Forging Press

Built to handle larger stock than my small 1st press. 

16 Ton Hydraulic Forging Press

Built and put into service about 30 years ago. Still running strong. 

4 post plate press

Planning on rebuilding to work larger billets, and more tonnage. 

Main Forging Anvil

The anvil I use most of the time, there’s a few others around here.

Heat Treating Area

All blades are then heat treated in house, personally by KC. Heat treatment is a very involved process for each individual batch of steel, so we perform extensive testing on each new batch in order to dial in the optimal heat treatment.

Every “run” of steel from the mill has slight variations in its makeup that make it unique. That’s why we run our test blades through numerous cycles at various temperatures and hold times. Each blade is then hardness tested using a certified and calibrated Rockwell Hardness Tester. This lets us determine which process yielded the optimal result, so we do this for every new batch of steel.

Many bladesmiths follow a standard heat treatment protocol from the steel manufacturer’s recommendation — that’s easy. We go beyond these minimalist recommendations by testing every batch to determine its unique attributes. We tweak the times and temperatures based on each batch of steel’s unique chemistry. We want to squeeze every last drop of performance the steel is capable of, giving our customers the absolute BEST product we can deliver.

Wilson Rockwell Hardness Tester

How can you be sure you squeezed every bit of performance out of the chosen blade material without testing.  Every blade is Rockwell test on a calibrated and certified rockwell tester. If a blade is questionable it is often destruction tested doesn’t matter if it’s a basic hunter or a multi-core Damascus viking sword. 

Lathe and Drill Presses

Jackson Machine and Tool knee mill

Kinda ugly but it gets the job done. 

Damascus Etching Tanks

ADX American Rotary Phase Converter

60HP rotary phase converter, for powering some of the bigger machines in the shop. 

Brown & Sharp 1024 Micromaster

Brown & Sharp 1024 Micromaster hydraulic surface grinder

Tormek T-8 Sharpener

What good is a dull knife? The Tormek T-8 will hone your knife to a razor edge. 

Engraving and inspection station

Ok so it’s a bit of a mess. 

Randall Leather Sewing machine

Randall union lock-stitch sewing machine for sheaths and accessories. 

Highlead YXP-18 Industrial Leather Skiving Machine

Wood Cutting Bandsaws

Powermatic Metal Cutting Bandsaw