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KC Lund

The story of how KC Lund got into bladesmithing comes down to a simple fact: he likes to make things that help people. This is what got him started in his teens, and it’s what keeps KC forging top tier blades to this day. It is a passion not just for the knives and swords, but for the entire process. 

In fact, KC enjoys the creation process much more than the final product, so it’s not a surprise that he has put extensive thought and intention behind every detail of his manufacturing process — from the materials he works with to the heat treatment he uses.

For the first few years, KC was making bars of steel because he simply enjoyed it. KC had yet to sell any, though. When he did sell his first piece of bar-stock to knife maker Gerald Morgan, KC realized he might actually be able to turn this passion into something more than a hobby and he pursued it in college with a major in Welding Technology. This program greatly elevated his knowledge, teaching him how to build much of the equipment he needed for his growing business. He also took a Metallurgy class that refined his understanding of what was happening to the steel. 

KC continued to make knives and many pattern welded bar-stock, but he had always had the itch to make swords as well and was enamored with Western European swords, especially the Viking blades. After years of independent study, practice, and trial and error, KC learned about heat treating and steel selection, which would take his blades to another level. Today, the vast majority of the blades he currently makes are pattern welded, which is where his passion lies. 

KC and Carla Lund with their children.
KC and Carla Lund with their two children 


KC Lund Blades is a proud member of the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce.

Bladesmithing is the art of making knivesswordsdaggers and other blades using a forgehammeranvil, and other smithing tools.