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Reach out!

Kc lund blades

Tel: 951-465-4540


For Dealer Services:

Frequently asked questions

What steels do you use?

Knife specific, varying dependent on attributes wanted in the knife. Stainless steels, carbon steels such as O1, L6, 52100. Damascus steels made from either carbon steel or stainless steels.

Who does your heat treating?

I do. All heat treating is done in house. Heat treat is the absolute most important part of the knife, if done poorly, it’s junk. No corners are cut, absolute control of temperature is necessary. It’s what I’m known for and will never be farmed out.

How do I care for my knife?

If it is a carbon steel knife, it can rust if not cared for properly. Keep a light coat of oil on it, wipe off fingerprints and generally keep it clean. If it is stainless steel there is not a whole lot you need to worry about, just keep it clean. Note: Stainless Steel is not 100% rust proof, it can develop rust in the wrong environment, like the bilge of your boat, or any other damp environment… don’t keep it in a wet place for extended length of time! Let a professional sharpen it!

Do you make your own Damascus steel?

YES! All of our Damascus is made in house. Be it Stainless or Carbon Steel. It is forged under the big Nazel 4N pneumatic hammer. It’s another thing I will never farm out, making the steel is what started my whole journey into this craft.

What is covered under warranty?

Materials, workmanship, defects.

What is not covered under warranty?

Obvious damage caused by neglect or misuse.

How do I sharpen my knife?

We recommend a professional knife sharpener, or ship your knife back to us with return postage plus $5 and we will sharpen it for you.

Can I buy “retail” from you?


How do I become a dealer?

See Dealer inquiry form.

Do you have a Military or Law Enforcement discount?

Yes, 15% with I.D.

How soon will my order ship?

Depending on stock availability, usually within 2 business days.
Will you cover lost or stolen blades? No. Sorry, but lost or stolen blades are not the responsibility of KC LUND BLADES.

Do your knives come with a sheath?

Yes, all EDC’s will come with a sheath.

Can you make custom changes to my knife?

Sorry, but custom changes to a particular knife design are not possible.

Can I come by you shop to watch you work?

Unfortunately, the shop is not open to visitors.

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